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  1. Herzing PMHNP January 2023

    I am 1 semester from finishing the program, and honestly, even as an alumni of Herzing's BSN program (on site), I would not do this program again if I had it to do over. I would have chosen another school. This is a newer program for Herzing online. ...
  2. Seeking a Preceptor for my FINAL clinical!

    It doesn't have to be telehealth, but if it comes to that, I am approved for it. I would rather do that then push back another semester. I was supposed to have already graduated, but early in the program I couldn't find a clinical preceptor. I refuse...
  3. I am set to be done with the PMHNP program at Herzing Univ after my Spring 2023 semester (Jan-April). However, my clinical preceptor I had lined up just fell through. Now I need a PMHNP for 180 clinical hours. My application deadline is early October...
  4. Herzing PMHNP program?

    As a current PMHNP student at Herzing, with am expected grade date of April 2023, I highly DO NOT suggest this program. It has been a nightmare from the get-go. I felt stuck after the first semester because I had already taken out student loans for i...
  5. Preceptorship

    I am having the same problem in Racine, Wisconsin! I wish I had known how hard it would be to find a site before I got into my program. Some universities actually help place their students. Unfortunately, my university doesn't place MSN students, and...
  6. How much should I really be working during NP school?

    I am currently a full-time MSN-PMHNP student (all online), and I work for a nursing agency as a per diem nurse. I schedule my availability around my school schedule and my family's schedules. The pay is higher for agency nurses, so I can work less an...
  7. Hello everyone! I have been seeking a preceptor/clinical site for Spring 2022 with no luck. I have already extended my program a full semester and postponing my graduation date due to my inability to secure a clinical site. I am running into pro...