Seeking a Preceptor for my FINAL clinical!

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I am set to be done with the PMHNP program at Herzing Univ after my Spring 2023 semester (Jan-April). However, my clinical preceptor I had lined up just fell through. Now I need a PMHNP for 180 clinical hours. My application deadline is early October, so I have less than a month to find a new preceptor. I am in Racine, WI. I can use telehealth for all 180 clinical hours. 


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Telehealth for 180 clinical....dear lord


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It doesn't have to be telehealth, but if it comes to that, I am approved for it. I would rather do that then push back another semester. I was supposed to have already graduated, but early in the program I couldn't find a clinical preceptor. I refuse to do that again if I don't have to. 

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Congratulations ! I’m in the FNP program , just started. So I have a ways to go. Have you tried My biggest fear is not having preceptors. I have secured a preceptor for at least 2 of the 5 clinical rotations. I will ask an MD I work with as well. I have them in mind but keeping NPHUB as a last resort. There is a cost. 

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