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  1. Are you going to attend the RN program at Golden West College?

    1. teee


      No, I’m declining because I’m attending a program closer to home 🙂

    2. Rachel Rachel

      Rachel Rachel

      Thanks for answering my questions good luck.

    3. teee


      Ofc! Thank you and you as well! 

  2. Golden West College ADN Fall 2022

    Thank you!! I applied with 79 points! I probably barely made it 😅 Thank you! Yesss, hopefully you get my spot and I’m sure you will get in. #5 seems like a great chance 🙂 good luck to you! & congrats to everyone wh...
  3. Golden West College ADN Fall 2022

    Good morning everyone! Acceptance email was just sent out to the cccd.edu/school email. I got accepted, but will be declining since I got into one closer by home!
  4. Los Angeles City College Fall 2022

    Thank you!! And congrats to you too! #1 is such a good chance of getting in!! I’m sure you will get in! Good luck! ♥️♥️♥️
  5. Los Angeles City College Fall 2022

    I got alternate and confirmed my spot. However, when I was replying to ask what number I was, whoever I was emailing kept saying they included and stated the number but I couldn’t find it on the email… so IDK what number I am. But right after, I got ...
  6. I’m down!! Let’s make one 🙂 I’m fine with anything 🤗
  7. Don’t lose hope! People still need to respond and see if they want to take their spots. Good luck to you ♥️ You got this! I seriously thought I wasn’t going to get into any program and even started my application for wcu, but everything happens for a...
  8. Congratulations to everyone who got in! I got in too 🥲 couldn’t stop crying when I saw that email… been waiting for this day! See y’all on 6/10! ♥️ I believe I had 84 pts when I applied!
  9. Los Angeles City College Fall 2022

    Congratulations! My alternate email made me confirm by emailing them that I wanted to keep my spot. So, if yours required a confirmation email too, then that’s probably how they keep track. I added my student ID# too because on my alternate email the...
  10. Los Angeles City College Fall 2022

    Hi everyone! Acceptances are out, check your emails! I’m an alternate! Good luck to everyone!
  11. Thank you to everyone who already went to the interview and came back to describe and give us some pointers. It truly means a lot! Thank you so so much! Good luck to us all 🙏🏻
  12. Thank you for all this info!
  13. Golden West College ADN Fall 2022

    Thank you so much! Believe it or not, a simple thing like this shows what kind of person you are, so yes, you will be a great nurse, im sure of it! 🥰 Thank you so much for the information and what your opinions are since they really do...
  14. Golden West College ADN Fall 2022

    YOU ARE AWESOME! As much as you adore everyone in your cohort, they are as lucky to have you. I’ve read past forums and your replies and how much you care about this program doesn’t go unnoticed. Very thankful to have someone who’s in the program now...
  15. Golden West College ADN Fall 2022

    Kenji, That is sooooo much help! I appreciate it SO MUCH! Thank you for such a detailed response! How do you like the program so far? And do you know anyone from your cohort that may commute from LA or further?