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  1. Nurse 26

    Excelsior in PA

    Hi, I want to say congratulations on starting your LPN - RN journey. Can you say how many nursing classes you can register for at once.
  2. Nurse 26

    Excelsior RN- testing out/CLEP for gen eds

    Thank you, like wise.
  3. Nurse 26

    Excelsior RN- testing out/CLEP for gen eds

    I am with you on that logics. No CPNE and wait time is the # 1 reason I'm apply to their ASN RN program. I am currently studying to take the TEAS. I have most if not all the gen eds class. Have you taken the TEAS yet?
  4. Nurse 26


    Hi!! I have been a LPN for the past 5 years and I work in LTC . I recently called Excelsior and was told they had made some changes to the ASN RN program . I was wondering if anyone took NUR 250 and went for the clinical portion of the class...