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  1. ODU BSN FALL 2022

    I got into ODU. Did you get in ODU or TCC? I guess ill see you at orientation 🙂
  2. ODU BSN FALL 2022

    Anyone get an email or letter of acceptance yet? I know it's still a bit early, but the coordinator told me that they will send out letters in march, at the latest April 1st.
  3. ODU BSN FALL 2022

    Nice to meet you! Maybe we will be classmates! hope we all get in!
  4. ODU BSN FALL 2022

    I got a lot of conversions but I remember only getting one chemical equation and it was super simple. I got an email saying they received my application and that emails will sent out to my ODU email for any acceptance letter. I hope we get in too! Wi...
  5. ODU BSN FALL 2022

    Oh okay that makes more sense. I'll be living near the VA campus so that's why I wanted to go to ODU. I did take the HESI through ODU (I took it online/proctored); I got 94. I thought it would be harder and studied so much for it. I read online that ...
  6. ODU BSN FALL 2022

    thanks for replying! 😀 I only applied to ODU because TCC application was a little more complicated on my side (foreign education, etc.). I also have a previous bachelor degree so wanted to go straight to ODU for the BSN. I think I read somewher...
  7. ODU BSN FALL 2022

    Hi all! Anyone applying to the BSN program in the fall at ODU (Old Dominion University)? Just thought I'd create a thread for all of us. Lily
  8. HESI Transcript through evolve

    Hi, I was wondering what was your experience when you ordered your HESI A2 exam results/transcript through Evolve? How long did it take? It says they email it so I thought it wouldn't take long... Long story short - I am overseas and I have...
  9. UH Manoa GEPN Cohort 2022

    Oh thanks a lot! I think I have all the prerequisites! I am planning to practice either in Virginia or Florida. My husband is in the military so wanted to know how easy it is to transfer from state to state. Good luck to you!
  10. UH Manoa GEPN Cohort 2022

    Hi all! I am planning to apply this month! I have a BA in Political Science with a 3.86 GPA. My bachelor degree is from Canada. What are the science prerequisites? I tried looking through the pages and didn't find it. I have taken Anatomy/Physio...