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  1. @Dehvin hi there! well do to the pandemic they only accepted 50 people. Usually it’s 60, I don’t know if they are going to continue only accepting 50 people or go back to 60. Hopefully it’s the latter this time!
  2. Hello everyone! so I was in the last interview process for Spring 2022 and here’s the run down and my experience. LACCONA invited about 75 to 80 people to interview and I was lucky to be one of them. I had 82 points and that was the cut off for ...
  3. Hi there! unfortunately no I was not invited to interview this time around. I had 82 points and from what I gathered the cut off was 84/86 points. I believe every application period they just focus on points for that period so no I don’t thin...
  4. Hi there! I suck at interviews too. The only questions that were asked were “why you want to be a nurse?” And “why you want to go to this school?”. But your not asked both questions. I’ll get into this more tomorrow.
  5. Hi Ofelia! its a semi group interview. From my experience you will be doing multiple exercises. One as a whole group and a few as a pair. They will send you off with 2 or 3 people for oral interview and an exercise. This round will be slightly d...
  6. Mt Sac ADN Fall 2022

    Hello Everyone! I'm currently doing the application, and I encountered a problem. The application portal all of a sudden shut down, as in it couldn't load the page. My internet is working fine, but everytime I try to access the site it can't loa...
  7. @Taro The application is very simple and short. You just need to send your TEAS results to the school from your ATI account. You can submit the app now! Don’t wait like I did ?
  8. @Jesse323 I quoted your last ask, you probably missed it! You rejection letter got lost in the mail and you need to call them. All you need to do is send a letter indicating that you will like to be considered for Fall 2022. They keep your ...
  9. Good morning! you didn’t get a rejection letter?! It must of got lost in the mail. if you applied and were apart of the interview process; they keep your application on file for the next application cycle. You don’t need to apply the ori...
  10. Third: I also know all too well that y'all are bursting at the seems on whether or not you'll get an interview/ get accepted. I've been in this before, I've noted who gets in or not, I can estimate for you if you like. Just ask. I personall...
  11. Second: The LACCONAH has one of the best point systems out there, they will not treat you unfairly. You all have a fair shot (until you get to the interview portion that is, but we'll get to that later).
  12. Okay first order of business: January 15 is just around the corner, I know its very (Very) easy to lose your head. Don't do what I did and not submit your online application because I got so worked up that I somehow convinced myself that I had t...
  13. Hello my fellow applicants! I'm a second time applicant to LACCONAH, I've been down this road once and came back with a lot of knowledge. From my experience this is going to be a waiting game so enjoy the ride! Y'all got questions, comments, con...
  14. Rio Hondo ADN Program Spring 2022

    I got rejected too! congrats to everyone who got in!!
  15. Thank You! comparing to everyone I’ve seen be accepted you have great chance! Don’t worry you got this!