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  1. P IV

    Covid and Non-Covid on Same Floor?

    How do you have a positive covid patient that doesn’t require treatment? Why are they in a bed? Serious questions Actually in my opinion, 6 isolation patients with the same diagnosis were easier for me. Having 2-3 covid patients then 2-3 ver...
  2. P IV

    Yes, I'm Vaxxed But...

    I definitely believe in people making a choice for their health, but all choices have either rewards or consequences. In nursing, we have tons if options outside of bedside. Maybe this is the time to look at those options. I know that’s why I became ...
  3. P IV

    Covid and Non-Covid on Same Floor?

    Eventually is fine, but that’s during stabilized times in my opinion
  4. I decided to travel again in January. I’m not sure if the facility I chose had a good system down or what, but, even though I wasn’t told I was gonna work COVID, that’s where I ended up. That’s fine. It wasn’t the start or climax of the pandemic and ...