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  1. New RN here since the beginning of this year. I started in LTC where I continue to work contract since I have started my new med surg position at a local hospital that I have been at for all of 2 weeks so far. So here’s my question, HOW do I stop being so damn emotional about every patient that touches my heart? In LTC I have caught myself having to go to the med room and cry multiple times. Not because of the stress of work, but because I am very empathetic and I feel like I take on every emotion of some of these clients. Especially now that I am on the med surg unit and seeing people from all walks of life, I have seen some crazy things and incredibly sad situations. Sometimes my eyes will even tear up when the patients are telling me things. Is this just part of being a new nurse and does it get better? If so, how do you straddle the line between having a thicker skin and being cold hearted? Help!!