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  1. Nybon Nursing School Under Investigation

    I guess, depending on their "investigation". Can you work out of state?
  2. Nybon Nursing School Under Investigation

    Sigma is no longer approved on FBON. Is that why they NYBON is not issuing license & investigating?
  3. Care Hope College in FL?

    Years ago.
  4. Care Hope College in FL?

    Good luck
  5. Care Hope College in FL?

    Were you able to graduate and get licensed in NJ?
  6. Failed a class in an ADN program

    Hey, Congratulations! I was in the same spot last year and completely devastated. Please email me I couldn't find a way to private message you on here.
  7. Unaccredited Nursing Program

  8. Have you tried calling progressive college of florida school? I heard from somewhere they are the ideal professional people operating with a new name.
  9. Failed a class in an ADN program

    If your school has the correct accreditation you can apply to some schools that take credits (ICHS) as long as they're accredited.
  10. Is this shady?

    I didn't go to the program.
  11. Failed a class in an ADN program

    Can you take the LPN exam in your state?
  12. Maryland Nursing licensed Endorsement

    Which school did you attend? Maryland BON has some schools that they won't issue license to.
  13. Carleen Health Institute

    Maybe try and get in touch with someone who went there? They are still enrolling students. And their review classes are all full too. I don't know what all these students are doing after. They must be sitting for the NCLEX somehow. I would imagine if...
  14. Being replaced?

    I'll take a different position here. I worked in corporate America for some time. Those job postings cost money to the employer in most instances. They aren't cheap. In my honest opinion you should probably hedge your bets and start looking around. I...
  15. Techni-pro institute