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  1. Hi all. Totally at a loss. The long term goal is to get into Peds NP Program. 2 offers are: - Circulating OR nurse at a great Children's Hospital; - Float Pool RN at another major hospital for Med/Surg and Tele units with potential to add Peds and Mother/Baby units eventually. The concerns are that OR position will dampen my hardly there bedside skills and knowledge; or that the Float position will never add Peds and be extremely difficult as is. I am really lost here. Would appreciate any input. Thank you all!
  2. Jules2385

    Float Pool as New Grad

    Hi All! I was just offered a position as a Float RN nights at a major hospital in NY as a New Grad. The Float Pool is for Med/Surg and Tele units. Is it a good idea to accept Float Pool as my first nursing job, or will I get overwhelmed too quick and too easily? Please help, I am at a loss. Thank you for any insight.