justine_ferren_cnor_crnfa RN

Surgical First Assist - CVOR and L1 Trauma

Experienced Surgical First Assistant with focus in High-Risk Cardiovascular Surgery. Also takes call for L1 Trauma Surgery .


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justine_ferren_cnor_crnfa has 10 years experience as a RN and specializes in Surgical First Assist - CVOR and L1 Trauma.

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    RNFAs, what experience did you have prior to becoming a RNFA?

    @crownsk - I completely appreciate the position you're in. I started as a staff nurse in the Operating Room, but strictly in the circulating role. I had experience prior as a CST. I think a lot of my luck in obtaining a scrub nurse role on our cardia...
  2. In the 15 years since obtaining my BSN, I started as a CVICU Nurse and then transitioned into the Operating Room. Woven in between, I obtained my MSN (AGACNP-BC), CNOR / CRNFA Certifications, and then my DNP. Throughout my clinical and educational jo...
  3. justine_ferren_cnor_crnfa

    Parkland Nurse Residency February 2023

    @lmib2 - Congrats! I can't wait to meet you. Please let me know if you have any questions on the interview process for the OR path at Parkland. I completed the residency and received a full-time offer after to scrub in the trauma O.R.
  4. justine_ferren_cnor_crnfa

    The Patient-Provider Barrier in High-Risk Surgery

    Setting the Stage - The Riskiest Cases As a perioperative nurse who serves in a First Assist role on our high-risk cardiovascular surgery team at a top-tier institution, we often get patients who have been refused surgical intervention at other f...
  5. justine_ferren_cnor_crnfa

    CVOR vs general OR

    @Rose_Queen You definitely seem like you thrive in L1 Trauma more and probably got to scrub-in, especially during PEA operative resuscitation attempts!
  6. justine_ferren_cnor_crnfa

    CVOR vs general OR

    Hi Rose - Did you scrub and circulate during your time in CVOR? Which did you prefer? Marathon cases?
  7. justine_ferren_cnor_crnfa

    Parkland Nurse Residency February 2023

    @lmib2 - I believe it's for the Feb-2023 cohort - I am one of the Scrub FA preceptors - really look forward to meeting you. Feel free to msg me.
  8. justine_ferren_cnor_crnfa

    Parkland Nurse Residency February 2023

    @lmib2 I heard the Operating Room Residency track acceptances went out and have been received.
  9. justine_ferren_cnor_crnfa

    Any Parkland OR residency nurses out there!

    @elizabeth11 - I completed the Parkland OR Residency and it was phenomenal. It offers a really good variety of cases and opportunities to both scrub and circulate. Having experience scrubbing L1 Traumas at Parkland is amazing experience that will tes...
  10. justine_ferren_cnor_crnfa

    Career path in the OR- Am I doing this right?

    @Hannah96 - I have been a perioperative nurse my whole career and am now a DNP CRNFA and Lead First Assist for our high-risk cardiac teams. I went from BSN to MSN (ACNP) to DNP. Feel free to message me!
  11. justine_ferren_cnor_crnfa

    CVOR vs general OR

    @Jeffster I have been in the CVOR as a DNP RN First Assistant for the past 3 years. I scrub-in with our dedicated high-risk CV team that does our most challenging cases (re-do's, open aortic surgery, any cases requiring DHCA, or where STS risk profil...
  12. justine_ferren_cnor_crnfa

    CVOR First Assist Needing Surgery

    Thank you, Rose. You are exactly right. I've first assisted on CABGs for 3 of our O.R. nurses and while we tried to show that emotional barrier to preserve objectivity, there is no question that it was not just another case for the team. Unfortunatel...
  13. justine_ferren_cnor_crnfa

    CVOR First Assist Needing Surgery

    Have any of the O.R. nurses out there been operated on by their colleagues (or perhaps the very team they work with)? As a Marfan's patient, I am scheduled for a complex Bentall redo for an aortic arch aneurysm - high-risk and will require a long per...
  14. justine_ferren_cnor_crnfa

    Late career switch to OR nurse?

    @RNandMBA- I loved reading your post. The Operating Room is definitely 'a calling' and we need more nurses in our rooms who have a passion for this very specialized type of nursing! As a relatively new First Assist (who started in the OR after gettin...
  15. justine_ferren_cnor_crnfa

    Operating on a co-worker?

    Wow - it did not go well. 15+ hours and could not wean her off cpb.