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Jesijams has 27 years experience as a RN and specializes in Hospice, RN, ED.

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  1. Help Me Calm My Nerves or Tell Me Bluntly - NCLEX Prep

    The Kaplan review is the best thing that helped me. Of course, that was over 25 years ago! I disagree with your husband - sorry. I did pass my first time (even though, after the test, I could have sworn I failed!). But, I know many nurses who hav...
  2. Horror Stories: Rethinking Nursing School

    Wow! To some of you students, as well as some who have responded - I loved nursing school (in a school in NJ) and have worked in hospitals, LTC centers, LTACs, Oncology, Corrections and Hospice. There are SO many options for nurses. I have ha...
  3. Hospice Nurse Journal Club?

    I keep going to the Breakroom, but I cannot find a green Start a Breakroom Club button.
  4. I have an idea...

    I know this sounds rediculous, but as a DON/CNO for over 2 decades (and an ED now), I always told my staff that the higher agency costs came from a different "bucket" of money than the salaries. As stupid as this sounds, corporate personnel always f...
  5. Were you a bully in high school?

    As a Jim Croce fan - totally paraphased! I guess kind of close! ?? Amen!
  6. Were you a bully in high school?

    I was not a bully - loved everyone - and was never really bullied. I was teased in Sunday School when I was about 7, but that was it. I witnessed plenty of bullying. Just was never a part of it - one way or the other.
  7. Finally Left Nursing!

    I am a female RN and worked Corrections for 10 years. I would still be there if the county (jail) hadn't replaced the county nurses with agency staff. There was never a feeling of being unsafe, ever. There is always an officer with you. And, they...
  8. I'm Too Tired to Cry | Life of a Nurse

    I often reflect on how I used to help people live and improve their lives through acute care and acute rehab. No, being in Hospice, I help people die comfortably. It does get hard. Expected deaths aren't always easier. We really get to know these...
  9. Please Describe Your COVID Experience in One Word?

  10. Quit Job and Now Accused of Abandonment

    I was a DON and gave only 2 weeks notice instead of the customer 30-day notice. I was threatened with, "There's a good chance you won't be eligible fo re-hire because you did not give the proper notice." Yeah - I'm shakin'! ?
  11. Anyone taken a pay cut for sanity?

    YES! Sanity and quality of life, to me, are more important than money; if you can still make your way in life. Don't get me wrong - I've been a nurse for 25 years and have worked a LOT of different positions where I needed to make a certain amount o...
  12. Am I being tricked?

    Agree with all of the above. DON'T SIGN!!
  13. Super Unhappy New Grad RN, HELP. Advice needed.

    Are there corrections opportunities near you? Jail or Prison. They're often 4-10 hour shifts and the inmates have to be nice because the guards are always there. I worked corrections (jail) for 10 years. Best job I ever had. I'd still be there i...
  14. I want to quit....Or find something new

    I don't think changes jobs every couple of years is the best solution, but that's just my opinion. I have worked multiple areas as a nurse and am now an Executive Director over a hospice company. But one of my best jobs ever was working in correcti...
  15. Hospice Nurse Journal Club?

    Thank you!