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  1. San Antonio College ADN(RN) Spring 2023

    Hi, my apologies for the late response. I got an 81% on TEAS. I think It’s 6 out of 8 on their grading scale. I know someone got in with a 75%. I hope it helps.
  2. SAC Spring 2023

    Hi, I have just sent you a private message.
  3. SAC Spring 2023

    Yes, I have fb. But my fb name is quite hard to find (My King). Maybe it is easier for me to find yours instead.
  4. SAC Spring 2023

    I know! I think they will send the acceptance package with our information, so that may be why. Congratulations!! Anyway, can I connect with you somehow out of this forum? I am excited to make friends before the start date. See you at the orientation...
  5. SAC Spring 2023

    Did you get in?
  6. San Antonio College ADN(RN) Spring 2023

    I am so sorry. Did you get on the waitlist?
  7. San Antonio College ADN(RN) Spring 2023

    I am so sorry about that. You can still apply at Baptist because they have just extended their deadline
  8. San Antonio College ADN(RN) Spring 2023

    Hey they sent out decision. I got accepted. Check yours. They sent out the decision just now. Check yours I am so sorry. Are you on the waitlist?
  9. SAC Spring 2023

    Hey did you receive an email? I got accepted. Check yours
  10. SAC Spring 2023

    I sent them an email and they said they would send out today. However, I am starting to think they may not. Maybe, they will send out like on Sunday or Monday. Posts last year they sent out on a Sunday. I think that’s probably the same case for this ...
  11. San Antonio College ADN(RN) Spring 2023

    Hi, I started a group a while back. I am still waiting, but I have not heard anything. They said it would be today.
  12. SAC Spring 2023

    Hi IchigoUwU, my GPA is 4.0. How about you? I heard that the decision will come out today. Please keep me posted
  13. BHSP Spring 2023

  14. SAC Spring 2023

    Hi Ichigo, have you heard anything back? I joined their introduction today so I have some general view on the program. Feel free to add me on ig myduyenking
  15. BHSP Spring 2023

    Thank you. I hope you get in as well. Let me know if you receive anything by the end of next week, so I can get a chance to congratulate you. Best wishes!!