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  1. Suny Rockland 2022 Spring program

    Hey! That should be a great score to get you in! Goodluck!
  2. Study plans?

    So don't use Youtube? Im more of a person that learns from visualization… its hard to stay focus reading 30 pages in a textbook
  3. Study plans?

    Thank you so much! I truly appreciate this. I am extremely anxious because I know I only get on shot at this…. I will do as you stated!
  4. Study plans?

    Thank you!! I am taking pharmacology, & nursing Fundamentals 1. In my school we’re only allowed to take 2 courses per semester, which is kinda convenient for me due to me also working fulltime.
  5. Study plans?

    Hi, I am still a little bit anxious for nursing school that starts in a few weeks… I just wanted to know how you guys maintained your personal life with nursing school? I wanna have equal amount of time to study and to be able clear my head, so I do...
  6. New nursing student

    Thank you! Thank you!
  7. New nursing student

    Hey, I recently got accepted into nursing school yay!! I’m a bit overwhelmed with Joy & anxiety because I know nursing is no joke. However I will be registering for classes soon, and wanted to know if it would be smart to take both fundamental 1 ...
  8. Oh nice! A 72 is pretty good! Atleast you’re on the waiting list
  9. Congratulations!!!! What was your tea score?
  10. Email them! Please update us!!
  11. Me too!!
  12. Wait thats strange are you currently a student here? Thank you! A 78%
  13. I got accepted yay!! I got in Yay!! I hope you guys did also!!
  14. Suny Rockland 2022 Spring program

  15. Suny Rockland 2022 Spring program

    Hey!! Wow a 83.3% is still extremely good especially coming from the TEAS exam. The TEAS exam is already difficult so for you to get that score you definitely have a high chance of getting in?. I really do hope my score can get me in LOL. Are you cur...