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  1. You’re mistaken. Received private messages on another forum from a few students who are currently in the one of the listed programs, or have been in one of them. Based on these messages, at least a couple of the schools would give need-based aid that I would say is substantial (up to half the price of tuition). Suggest you stop spreading misinformation - especially if you don’t know what you’re talking about.
  2. Does anyone know what is the financial aid is like for accelerated nursing programs at well-known schools such as NYU, UPenn, Columbia and Duke? I know that federal grants are out of the question for second bachelor’s degrees and master’s programs. But, can I expect any substantial institutional grants and/or scholarships at any of them? I was previously eligible for the Pell Grant for my first undergrad degree, to give a baseline of my finances, and for comparison. I’d ideally like to know this information before I spend hours on applications, and paying hundreds in application fees. It just doesn’t make sense for me to submit an application if finances will be an issue from the get-go. I'm not expecting to get a full ride, but hoping for a good percentage to be covered. Hoping some of you will share your experiences.