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  1. This is really torturing me now. I am a new graduate RN and want to get myself in critical care, I worked super hard in nursing school towards my career goal and got myself a very good grade (almost 4.0 GPA). I want to get myself into critical care but I cannot find a ICU resident opening right now. However, I got two offer from 2 hospitals, should I choose the Cardiac PCU RN resident in our state's second largest hospital that is 2 hours driving from home or a regular med-surg staff RN in a local small community hospital that is 10 mins driving from home? The hour pay is pretty much same, I don't want to eventually move up to the bigger city but I see the PCU RN resident as an opportunity to get myself into local ICU in the future. Also, I have family with young kids. I cannot make my decision, the local hospital has a lot pros, all my family and friends think I should work locally, it's only 10 min drive, but I cannot see potential growth of my career if I work in here.