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    I am a current nursing student who is finishing up my practicum in the ER. I have also accepted a job there as a new grad. I had recently done a 12-hour shift in the ER from 7pm-7am and decided to leave early at 4am. I had started my clinical and my preceptor said that she had triage at 3am. I had remembered from the previous clinical, a week before, that I was allowed to work from 7-7 because my preceptor was taken off triage because she was with a student. I believed from that as students, we weren't allowed to be in triage while our preceptor was working. So, during my clinical I had asked a charge nurse if I could shadow her from 3-7am because I needed management hours and she replied, "sure". At 3 am., my preceptor and I are talking and she's about ready to go into triage and I tell her that I can shadow you there if you want me to. She replies, "oh I'm going to be just watching Netflix, it's going to be really boring and not going to learn anything." I feel some resistance and I don't feel like pushing the subject anymore. Instead, I began doing hours with my charge nurse and it's getting really slow in the ER at 4am and I can't find my nurse anywhere, I'm mentally drained so I decide to tell my preceptor that I will be going home. My preceptor replies, "OK, that's fine! I will tell the charge nurse that you had left." I figured everything was fine, I had finished my scheduled shift with my preceptor and I didn't feel like working anymore because I wasn't learning anything. The morning of when my clinical got done, I get an email from my school saying they had a few concerns and share with me that I am in trouble at my hospital for leaving early. The school faculty tell me that the CNS who is head of the practicum students, said that she didn't like my behavior and that I had left early and didn't want to work triage with my preceptor. The preceptor had reported me, I believe. The CNS was going to drop my practicum but said they would like to bring me back because I will be working there after the practicum. I was exhausted emotionally from hearing the news that I was in trouble and now I have to go to a meeting to try to explain why I wasn't in triage. I'm faced with a dilemma of telling the CNS that my preceptor had said those things about Netflix and not learning anything because I don't want to be dropped from my practicum or have any bad blood because I will eventually be working with my preceptor as a coworker. I have no idea what I am going to say because there's 2 different stories being told. Sorry for the long article, any advice would be great.