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    Florida IPN disaster

    I had a problem with alcohol (no issues at work) and checked myself into a treatment facility. My supervisor was aware and was "happy" I was getting help for myself. I completed 21 days of treatment and returned planning on starting back at work right away. HR got involved and told me I needed to be cleared by IPN before returning. I didn't know what I was getting myself into... yThey told me I needed an independent evaluation and they would follow those recommendations. I went in expecting an IOP program at most! Recommendation came back from IPN that I needed to complete another residential treatment program specialized in healthcare individuals. I was totally WOW! by this. I decided to get a second opinion because I thought this was way over the top (this is pending right now). They also informed me that they do not have to follow the recommendation from the second opinion. I did what I think most don't and requesting a copy of the evaluation. I read through it and the Dr. wrote that if I was able to provide a repeat PEth test that was decreasing he would allow treatment without the housing component and save $$$$$. I brought this up to my case manager and just got a complete run around. She told me the clinical team makes the recommendations based on the evaluation. She could not tell me why I didn't have the option to repeat my PEth test. She couldn't give me anyone else to talk to about my case. I have no faith in this program after reading the evaluation. They have an agenda and there is no changing it. I believe that no matter what my second opinion states I will be heading to a rehab facility because that is where the most money is. I have reached out to a lawyer as well to discuss my options. I will update as this all plays out... Thanks for listening to me.