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    Alarm Fatigue ???

    Alarm Fatigue We have all experienced a stretch of shifts where alarms are constantly blaring off. You go home and sometimes even wake up from a nightmare with those alarms beeping in your head. Ugh! Here are some tips nurses can use...
  2. Shifting roles and responsibilities During the COVID-19 pandemic, my role and responsibilities quickly shifted from caring for only adult oncology patients, to medical patients, to ICU patients on ventilators. The challenges of learning how to ca...
  3. C_AlexanderRN

    Why are you an oncology nurse?

    I've been an Oncology nurse for my entire career...11 years as an RN and 1 year as a nursing assistant during nursing school. I LOVE Oncology! You see many of the same patients over the course of months, or years, and develop close bonds. Oncology pa...
  4. C_AlexanderRN

    Oncology Clinical Trials

    I work in an inpatient setting where we routinely administer clinical trials and monitor patients after some phase 1 drugs. Each protocol is very different in terms of which rescue meds are "allowed" and even the grading system used. There is a flows...