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Nursing CE Central specializes in Nursing CEU Provider.

Nursing CE Central is an ANCC accredited, online continuing education provider based out of Lexington, Kentucky. We specialize in creating high-quality, relevant, and timely content that not only fulfills our users' CEU requirements but encourages them to continue learning outside of their respective fields!

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  1. Nursing CE Central

    To Pit or Not To Pit?

    The question to increase, maintain, or decrease Pitocin is a long-aged question, asked frequently by nurses working in labor and delivery areas. Even though this very question has been asked countless times over a multitude of years, there is st...
  2. Nursing CE Central

    Addressing the Nursing Burnout Crisis

    Nursing burnout is an ongoing crisis in the U.S. healthcare system and is one of the main contributors to the mass exodus of nurses currently leaving the profession. Those who have stepped up to the plate and continued caring for patients amidst thes...
  3. Written by Morgan Curry, BSN, RN for Nursing CE Central Now more than ever, I hear this question asked just about every day. When I entered the nursing profession, people were excited to work and care for patients. Yes, you had some nurses who ...
  4. Written by Morgan Curry, BSN, RN for Nursing CE Central Nurses are people too – overworked, burned out, and exhausted. As a result, their physical and mental health is suffering. Regardless of if you love your job or hate your job, ther...
  5. Nursing CE Central

    When Will the Nursing Shortage Be Over?

    Written by Morgan Curry, BSN, RN for Nursing CE Central It feels like the nursing shortage has been around for a while, and COVID-19 has only exacerbated the issue. Now that we have made it through what is arguably one of the most difficu...