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  1. Erin Costello

    Advice for those struggling to get an acceptance?

    Absolutely helps! You are right. Just started applying out of state. Just need to take the HESI and I’ll be ready to apply to more. Thank you!
  2. Erin Costello

    Advice for those struggling to get an acceptance?

    Thank you! What school did you go to if you don’t mind me asking!
  3. HI everyone! So I am currently in the process of applying to different ABSN/ELMN programs. I applied to USF for their ELMN program and got denied, and also to Samuel Merritt's ABSN program, and was denied. My pre-req GPA is a 3.5 for anatomy, Physiology, chem, and Microbiology, and my undergrad GPA was about a 3.3. I'm also looking into ADN programs now. The only healthcare experience I have is working at a diabetes Summer camp for 4 summers. I'm debating trying to get certified as an EMT or even an LVN to get more experience. What do you guys think? I was anxious to get into a program as soon as possible but in California that Is seeming less than likely at this point. I am open to going out of state as well. Any advice helps!
  4. Erin Costello

    Samuel Merritt ABSN fall 2021 waitlist- sacramento

    Does your portal say you are on the waitlist? Or does it say denied? I applied to San Mateo for fall and the portal was finally updated but I didn’t get in LOL. Haven’t gotten an official email yet. But wondering if there is still a chance I’m on the waitlist?
  5. Erin Costello

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Fall 2021 Start

    I was denied 🥴 Congratulations to those of you who got in!! Not sure if the portal would say if we are on the waitlist or not but maybe 🤞🏼 Can y'all give those of us who didn’t get in this round advice or mind sharing stats?
  6. Erin Costello

    Brandman University ABSN Program

    Commenting to get notifications! Has anyone heard back about decisions yet for fall 2021?