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  1. kat_attack_85

    PACU travel nursing? American Mobile feedback?

    Thank you for the detailed response! I figured that keeping my head down and being professional would be a good thing to adapt (I tend to be abrasive sometimes). I am also curious about what travelers do for insurance in between jobs? I spoke with a recruiter from AYA and she said that travelers only get insurance during their contract period. It renews when they go to their next job. Don't really like the feeling of not having health insurance. I'm not married, so Im responsible for everything. Also- how much on average is the take home pay (percentage wise)? I know it varies based on state due to taxes, but I get tempted when I see their advertised weekly rate, but I know some companies lump in the stipends with that rate. If I choose to find my own housing, what happens with that $$? Thanks again!
  2. Hello! Any travel PACU RN's out there? Wondering how consistent jobs are, since PACUs tend to be one of those places that some RNs "retire in". Also, any difficulties in settling in as as a traveler in the new PACU? Mainly doing it cuz I want to increase my income and travel more. I've read up on a bunch of posts regarding new traveler's experiences. I looked into American Mobile- since they are pretty well established and I'd rather go with someone who has a lot of experience in the field for my first few years. Are the salary rates that they advertise accurate? or is it before they take their cut? Thanks!
  3. kat_attack_85

    Looking for PMHNP Preceptor in SoCal

    Hello Thanks for the response. Yea, I'm starting to get that impression, plus their requirements for preceptors (in terms of work load) seems a bit much. Have you had any experience with them (walden)? I'm thinking either I offer to pay preceptors or transfer to a different school.
  4. kat_attack_85

    Looking for PMHNP Preceptor in SoCal

    Hello! I'm a student with Walden University's online PMHMP program and am looking for a preceptor. The precepting classes don't start until next year, but I know how difficult it can be to set these things up, so I'm looking for any leads or suggestions. I've done cold-calling and door-to-door networking to find anyone willing to take me, so far, no response. I've looked into services like ENP but have read that they are all scams. I'm just worried that I'm wasting money and time if I can't find anyone to finish the actual clinical aspect of the program 😞