Travel Nursing for PACU

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Any travel PACU RN's out there? Wondering how consistent jobs are, since PACUs tend to be one of those places that some RNs "retire in". Also, any difficulties in settling in as as a traveler in the new PACU?

Mainly doing it cuz I want to increase my income and travel more


I’ve never done travel PACU nursing but I know we used them often pre-covid times during our winters due to “snow birds” coming to Arizona for the winters. Then we slow down during the Summer and just use our regular staff. I’m sure every hospital has their busy times of year and staff either pick up extra shifts, use registry/float pool, or hire a traveler! I’ve seen a lot of PACU travel jobs on Aya’s website. I also think during covid maybe the couple nurses floated in the hospital to help other areas? I know some out ours went to outdoor tents, pre-op testing, ICU, etc. 



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I'm a travel PACU nurse and have never had an issue with finding contracts, but I'm also willing to travel just about anywhere. Like GirlOnPfizer said, case loads wax and wane on a normal basis which does encourage the use of temp staff and this need has only been amplified with the complexities of covid. Also, typical orientation times for staff nurses in the PACUs I've worked are anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks, which makes for a common practice for travelers to come in a week or two before someone quits and a new hire begins orientation. Also many times I've worked in place of a nurse that goes on fmla or maternity leave.