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    Medstar PN refresher

    There were no IV questions on the test, 5 calculations,( mostly tablet questions) and 6 med error avoidance questions, one that was not covered in any of the study material, and I passed, however, from the beginning, I was unsure if this is what I really wanted to do, so I am almost 100% positive I am going to not proceed with getting my license here in AZ....Nursing is not my passion, and I think to be a nurse, it needs to be your passion. I love helping people, and animals and I will find my passion, but I don't think nursing is it after being out of the field for 10 years. I need to find something else that fills my soul.
  2. sassyLPN

    Medstar PN refresher

    Has anyone done this program? I'm in it now, and its just a lot of reading a test taking and open book exams. I bought the books because I cannot read all day on a computer without getting a headache. I do know I have to take a dosage exam, consisting of 5 calculations and 6 medication knowledge. Has anyone else taken this course? what type of calculations do they give? basic or complex? I'm pretty good with basic things, but when it comes to that mg/kg conversion stuff ( like for peds) my head spins a bit.