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LucyLu123 has 33 years experience and specializes in ER, L&D, Psy.

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    Board Order: Sabotaged by doctor

    I need to ask for guidance, wisdom, anything that could help. I’m about 2 months away from completing a Board order that calls for “indirect supervision”. I’m so close to finishing this I can reach out and touch it. Part of my order requires my physician to provide a form stating my diagnoses and medications prescribed to treat them. I have gone to the same medical practice for many years, however, the physician who treated me first and completed the 4 previous forms left, moved to another state. My current doctor, that I inherited by default has refused to complete the Nsg Board form, saying he cannot be assured of my ability to practice since he isn’t there. Due to significant cervical and lumbar problems, including 3 cervical spine surgeries (fusion of 5 discs due to a patient injuring me in the ER back in 2005). I have a board order that requires my pain specialist to send them (once every 3 months) the meds he prescribes & my diagnoses. The part he has a problem with is answering if I’m safe to practice. I’ve been told by his assistant several times in the last week that he “will not fill out any forms, EVER”. I have 2 months left to complete this requirement by the Board of Nursing, I’m so close. But this jerk refuses to do anything and told me I needed to go off all meds (which are non narcotic, minimal & long acting to boot.) I told his assistant (He won’t talk to me himself) to only prescribe what is medically necessary. She said”Oh, he feels you should actually be on stronger meds than you are on now, but he will not work with the nursing board or complete any form you SAY are required” I’m afraid to tell the board my Dr refuses to complete the required form. I feel my only option is to go off all meds and get through until this order is satisfied. It’s supposed to be 2 months, but the board does what they want. I’m so upset. I’ve paid out of network prices to stay with this practice because I am afraid the Board will cause more issues if I switch doctors. But, I’m afraid I won’t be able to work with no meds, I can’t function and the Dr acknowledges this. This *** Dr says I definitely need meds to function, but if he won’t disclose this to the board, I have to suck it up and go without anything, right?? I also wonder if he would treat a physician in this situation differently!!
  2. LucyLu123

    Recovery Trek Question/Board Order

    Hi all, I’m not in recovery, however, a complaint was filed against me in 2015 when I worked a 12 hr nightshift, my 3rd in a row, at a new job and had no sleep that day because I received devastating news that I had lost a family member in a terrible accident. I had spent the day trying to get information and grieving. I should’ve called in, but I didn’t. As a result, at work that night I was distracted, had difficulty focusing, nodded off, etc. There were no errors, diversion, neglect but a complaint was called in. I was petrified and did a very bad thing, I tried to ignore it. Therefore I missed a deadline and the complaint was elevated. I paid a non aggressive attorney 10k trying to mediate and resolve it but it was too late. I was offered 12 months indirect supervision with no penalty to my practice. I had to take 3 very expensive educational classes, I had to do at least 64hrs direct care a month (not administrative) and register with Recovery Trek, check it daily and provide a sample once a month. All the attorney did was make money and drag it out. When it was almost completed, 1 month before the 12 months was over, I went in and worked an extra nightshift, went home and fell asleep on the couch and woke up after 3pm which is the deadline for checking Recovery Trek to see if you have to give a sample. It wouldn’t have been so bad but I had been chosen to test that day. As soon as I heard from my contact at the board I immediately went and tested. I was devastated, I offered to test as many times they wanted till the end, but of course they chose to extend the order for 6 months. Due to job changes, etc the last month is finally coming up again in July. I’ve always tested once a month. I tested May 25th this week, then when I checked in yesterday, the 28th I had to test again. That’s never happened, I’m so afraid something is going to happen to mess things up again. I don’t have a reason to think the first test was bad, but dealing with this stuff has made me so paranoid and unsure of myself. I think a big part of this stuff is done to collect fees and make some feel important. I’ve actually thought about just giving up and doing something else, but I don’t know how to be anything other than a nurse.