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LPN; Associates of Science; 6 years experience as a nursing assistant

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    Is it really this bad every where?

    For anyone reading this thinking it's "really not that bad everywhere," you need to stand back and look at the whole picture and wake up. THIS IS the new reality we live in. I've been working for a major healthcare system for 6 years now. I also have...
  2. I recently spoke with my boss regarding my LPN license because I graduate this Summer. She tells me "Well we don't hire LPNs but you can still work here as a CNA." I have already been looking for jobs elsewhere and I'm leaning towards a traveling rol...
  3. WertDerFerk16

    Not Sure What Direction To Go From Here...

    Hello. It sounds like you're dealing with a lot. I feel your pain. I haven't been an LPN for long but have 5 years on a medical-surgical floor in a MAJOR, local healthcare system/corporation. I hate it. I won't sugarcoat it. We get treated like garba...