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Case Management, Research, Med/Surg
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RebeccaB RN BSN specializes in Case Management, Research, Med/Surg.

Rebecca began her career in med/surg, moved to home health, research, and finally found her fit in case management.  She hopes to inspire others through health content writing and believes there is a nursing niche for everyone.  

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  1. RebeccaB RN BSN

    Is Nursing Still a Good Profession?

    I do have to agree, there is something to the exhaustion of working bedside where I did appreciate my days off more. I love my job now but I do feel like I am replaceable, when I worked at the hospital I had a bit of a "go ahead and fire me, good luc...
  2. RebeccaB RN BSN

    Is Nursing Still a Good Profession?

    Wow! What an incredible story! I loved reading about your history and your nursing career. I am trying my hand at content writing as well. There seems to be a lot of opportunity in it as well as the ability to take on as much work as you want. So ...
  3. RebeccaB RN BSN

    Is Nursing Still a Good Profession?

    It sounds like you have great experience and I definitely understand being unhappy in your job. Clinical research actually has some pretty interesting jobs and the clinic I worked at hired nurses that had their RN or LPN and there wasn’t much distin...
  4. RebeccaB RN BSN

    Is Nursing Still a Good Profession?

    In the Beginning When I was growing up we had dinner together every night. There are four of us kids, so six people sat around the dinner table. One thing I remember my mom saying many, many times is that she did not care what we did but that w...
  5. RebeccaB RN BSN

    Leaving the Bedside

    About a year ago I started a case management position at an insurance company. It is M-F, 8-5, which I never thought I would like and always tried to stay away from before, but it has been an amazing change of pace. I get to have a consistent work ...