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  1. Mercy Hospital Miami LPN Program

    I’m excited too! Can’t wait!
  2. Mercy Hospital Miami LPN Program

    I just got mine!
  3. Mercy Hospital Miami LPN Program

    Me too! 👏🏽 I really haven’t been able to find that much info on the program. I’ve seen a few good reviews here and there, but nothing about the program is clear so far..
  4. Mercy Hospital Miami LPN Program

    Oh OK. That makes sense. I have a bachelor’s degree in a non nursing field. I was hoping to be exempt when I applied LOL.
  5. Mercy Hospital Miami LPN Program

    How were you exempt from the TEAS?
  6. Mercy Hospital Miami LPN Program

    Awesome! I passed too ? I've began filling out the application. I hope I get accepted. ?
  7. Mercy Hospital Miami LPN Program

    Hi! I'm applying for the August LPN program.
  8. Herzing University

    Does anyone attend Herzing University? (specifically the Orlando campus) If so, do you like the school? What are the professors like? Would you recommend this school? Thanks!
  9. Keiser University

    Anyone have any insight on Keiser University (Orlando campus)? I'm looking at the ADN RN program.
  10. Galen College of nursing

    @Akosim Victoria I'm not in school there yet. I'm still researching other schools in hopes that I make the right decision on where to go. ?
  11. Radiologist tech vs Nursing

    Hello everyone! I'm an elementary teacher looking for a career change. Could anyone inform me about what it is like being a radiologist tech vs a nurse? What are work hours like, patient care, pay, etc Thank you!
  12. Galen College of nursing

    If I go there, it will be the Miami location as well.
  13. University of St. Francis

    Has anyone attended University of St. Francis in Indiana? This school is really known for their nursing program and has great reviews overall. However, its extremely expensive. Thank you
  14. Galen College of nursing

    Has anyone attended any of the Galen college locations in Florida? I'm considering going there for the ADN program. I like that the prerequisites are included in the program and that there is no waitlist. Please share your experiences and if you...
  15. School put on probation ? HELP

    Hello everyone! I was planning to attend an approved school in Florida next August and it was just put on PROBATION! ? I'm in the process of finishing a couple prerequisites I have left for it. I'm grateful this happened before I ended up going ...