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  1. Summer365

    Non Accredited (but approved) Nursing Schools

    @Hannahbanana Thank you for your insight! I did not realize I would be eligible for a masters in nursing without a nursing degree.
  2. Summer365

    Non Accredited (but approved) Nursing Schools

    Thanks for your insight and recommendation! I will definitely look at the school you linked.
  3. Does anyone have recommendations for good public or private schools for an associate of nursing in the southern Florida area? Also has anyone had any experience with Southern Florida college of nursing school? This specific school has no wait list , however it is not accredited. Also what are your thoughts on going to nursing schools that are not accredited, but approved? I already have a bachelors degree in teaching. I may want to go to grad school for nursing, but am fearful of credits not transferring if I graduate from a non-accredited school. Any thoughts/insight are appreciated! Thank you