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  1. Monique Barber

    Employee Pre Screening Medical Conditions

    That's not my real name. LOL
  2. Monique Barber

    Employee Pre Screening Medical Conditions

    Thank You!
  3. So, I'm kind of scared. I just got a job at a hospital and was sent an offer package. Problem: They want a health screening. I'm very overweight, I weigh almost 280. I take medication for anxiety, hypothyroidism, and for partial adrenal i...
  4. Monique Barber

    Autistic, male, and wants to be a pediatric nurse

    How far along on the spectrum are you? I know that people with autism can often times have extreme difficulty with theory of mind or saying and doing the wrong thing in regard to social situations. Nursing school is not that hard, but it requires you...
  5. Monique Barber

    New Nurse I Don't Know Anything

    Okay, so I graduated in May. In late September I took my NCLEX and passed in 75 questions. I found the test easy and there were several questions that looked like they were copied from the EAQ NCLEX-RN question bank. I am a COVID nurse, which m...
  6. Monique Barber

    Wanted to be a nurse forever, but A&P is so difficult

    Keep at it. I got an A in both, it just takes dedication. There's lots of info on YT.
  7. Hi, everyone! I am a recent graduate from a BSN program in Texas, and I eventually want to become a psychiatric NP. I'm really scared and sad because although finding a job as a psychiatric nurse and seeking certification probably won't be an is...
  8. Monique Barber

    RN to PMHNP

    I'm not an NP yet, I am about to graduate from a BSN program. I also want to be a PMHNP! Good Luck!