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    Choosing between two paths

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to choose between two job offers at the moment and could really use some advice/input from the greater nurse community. Me: 2 years out of nursing school, worked inpatient psych and doing remote crisis counseling for COVID through a FEMA grant. The FEMA program is ending and I'm looking to get back into things. Also, first child is due in early July. Job A: Inpatient detox/stabilization. CIWAs, medications, admissions, etc. 3 12s a week, days, alternate weekends. Within 5 minutes of my apartment. In a state that gives 12 weeks of family leave for a new baby. Job B: Clinical education dept for a psych hospital. Orienting new nurses, working 8-4, Monday-Friday. 30 minutes away. State has 6 weeks family leave. Worked there as a floor nurse and they actively recruited me for this position. Pay is functionally the same. Job B has a daycare center on site but it's expensive and might not have an opening. So yeah, I don't know which way to go on this. Does anyone have any insight or suggestions? Sean