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  1. Ready4theOR

    Shoes to buy for the OR

    Hi! Graduating soon and I’m planning on buying nursing shoes as a gift to myself when I pass my NCLEX. I’m 100% willing to splurge, but what do you guys recommend? I’ll be doing an OR residency if that matters at all
  2. Ready4theOR

    Brushing Your Teeth at Work

    Maybe you can use a disposable cup with a water bottle?
  3. Ready4theOR

    Back pain... the abysmal side effect of nursing

    I have this concern as well!! Does anybody have specific work out to do to help with patient lifting? Certain muscles to focus on?
  4. Ready4theOR

    Feeling immense guilt for past mistakes

    You sound super preoccupied with this, but it does go to show that you’re a very carting person. My advice is to find comfort in the fact that always remembering makes it easier for you to improve and not make the same mistakes twice. Also, try to confine with somebody you’re close to. It might relieve some of that bottling guilt
  5. Ready4theOR

    Advice on switching jobs

    Maybe case manager jobs, insurance jobs, or nursing research
  6. Ready4theOR

    New Grad Operating Room Tips?

    Hi everyone! I’m going to be working in the OR as a new graduate this Summer. What are your best tips/advice for me? What do I need to learn now rather than later?