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moongoddess9301 has 5 years experience as a BSN and specializes in NICU.

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  1. moongoddess9301

    Babysitting a former patient

    Is any babysitter? Babysitters are not liable for injuries that could have happened under anyone's care. The fact that I am also an RN should not be a factor. Im not advertising myself as "nurse baby sitter" just babysitter who also happens to be a nurse. I am not a substitute for home nursing, and I would let the parents know this.
  2. moongoddess9301

    What do you use under CPAP?

    Depends on the facility. I worked at a childrens hospital that didn't out anything under, but rotated between prongs and mask every 4 hours. I now work at a facility where they cut a piece of mepilex lite or mepitel to fit under the mask. My experience at the children's hospital was that as long as you did a thorough skin check with each assessment and rotate the mask and prongs q4 hrs, we did not have any skin breakdown under the mask.
  3. moongoddess9301

    Challenges of working in the NICU?

    Hearing your own child cry and hearing a NICU baby cry are very different. Yes, there are days when crying babies at work can be very frustrating. But you have the benefit of coworkers who can help and an objective view of the baby crying you probably don't have with your own children.
  4. moongoddess9301

    How does your hospital do this? Newborn Assessment Nurse

    So, my hospital does this, but there is not always a NAN nurse scheduled or available. So it is the L&D nurse's responsibility to assess the patient if the NAN nurse is too busy or if there isn't a NAN nurse that day. Kind of like an additional resource. The NAN nurse tells the L&D nurses how many babies they can handle, and the L&D nurses pick up the slack.
  5. moongoddess9301

    Normal new grad feelings or not feeling NICU?

    I've been in level IV for about 5 years. Everywhere I've oriented, we did level 2 orientation for 6 weeks, then high acuity orientation for 12 weeks. The orientee assignment takes the sickest babies, no exceptions. I think if that's were your case, you'd be less bored. A childrens hospital NICU might also give you more of the activity you crave. But, in general, NICU will rarely ever be as fast paced as an adult ICU. If you want action and pace, consider reaching out to the adult ICUs. Ask if you can pick up extra shifts in the NICU to help out and fulfill your cuddle cravings or if you can remain as a cuddler.
  6. moongoddess9301

    Babysitting a former patient

    We have a patient who is now almost 8 months old. The entire unit loves her. We all want to volunteer to babysit for the mom when the baby goes home. My manager claimed that this is against the rules. That the hospital will disapprove and take action against a nurse who babysits a former patient. I plan to follow up on this question with the HR department in my hospital, but has anyone heard this before? To my thinking, once this person is no longer a patient at this hospital, it's none of the hospital's business if I do anything with the patient and their family. Especially since my babysitting is not affiliated with the hospital in any way.