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    My Instructor Used To Be My Nurse

    Several years ago, long before I was in nursing school, I was a mental health inpatient at a local hospital. Fast forward into nursing school, and there’s a new nursing instructor at my school who I immediately recognized as one of the nurses I had while I was an inpatient. During one of our classes recently, this instructor shared a story of a patient she had several years ago, and I immediately knew that patient was me (the details were spot on). The instructor did not reveal any identifying characteristics that would alert my classmates to knowing that story was about me, however, it made me extremely uncomfortable. I don’t know if that instructor even realizes that the patient was me, and I’m not sure if I should say something. I don’t really want to disclose this to this instructor, but I also can’t stand to hear someone speak poorly of me during a time when I was unwell. That experience several years ago was also very traumatic for me and is something that I have been trying to move past. Anyway, this has been such a weird situation, and certainly one I never thought I would have to deal with. Thoughts or advice would be appreciated.