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ALMB has 9 years experience as a LPN and specializes in LPN.

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  1. I was hired for Infection Preventionist/Quality Insurance at the beginning of March, in which I have no prior experience. I did my certifications and basic employment orientation for approximately weeks.I've requested information needed to perform my job, as policy and procedures, infection control forms, state surveys, QA forms. I have not been given formal training in the postion. Nor had I been given the forms requested. I was told by my administrator to make up policies and procedures and QA forms myself. I requested information from the DON on infection control, but was told by her that it's her "baby". I've been given other tasks to do besides my job description. A week ago I was told by my administrator that they were going to hire an RN to do Infection Preventionist role because I would have too much to do as QAI. Later that night I found out both my positions were posted on indeed job site. I requested from the corporate nurse QA information last week and was emailed back to worry about infection control at this time. I informed her that the administrator decided to hire an RN for that role, in which she was unaware of. Later that week my postion was pulled from indeed. I went back on indeed tonight and the job was posted again 3 days ago. I have prior experience, not been given formal training, do not have access to information needed to perform my duties, and I have not been written up. In the mean time, the Administrator and DON told me they had bigger fish to fry, such as missing documentation that agency nurses weren't doing. I was instructed to fill in such documents for compliance. They told me which ones to do and how to go in and complete them. They had me even go in and complete documents that were prior my hire date. After 2 weeks of doing as I was instructed by my superiors, I felt an impending dome. I started researching what I was doing and how illegal it is. State was in the building today and I confessed all before they had knowledge of it. I probably lost my license, my job(which at this point they can have) and I've been having massive panic attacks all day. It never crossed my mind how bad of a situation I got myself into, all I was concerned about the past few weeks was losing my job that I was never qualified or trained to do.