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sufu1933 has 6 years experience and specializes in L&D.

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  1. Currently beginning the extremely daunting practice of looking for a first job as a CNM. (For context, I have over 5 years of L&D experience, the majority of which was at a major metropolitan teaching hospital in NYC that did >6000 births a year, but I've also worked in critical access hospitals in rural areas). In the areas I'm looking at, there are very few opportunities for new grads. Have a potential interview with a private practice run by two OBs this week, but am starting to get nervous about starting out my midwifery career without being trained by senior midwives. I've worked with some incredible OBs as a nurse, so I'm open to it, but was wondering if anyone here has had experience as a new grad -- good, bad, or ugly -- working in an OB-run practice? Or really, any insight regarding first CNM jobs and the transition into that role. Thank you!