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smparker1101 has 5 years experience as a MSN, APRN and specializes in AGPCNP-BC.

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    New NP needing advice

    Hi everyone! I start seeing patients on my own on Tuesday and I have a question for all of you practicing NPs out there. No one in my practice wears a lab coat. I work in neurology and need to bring a pen, stethoscope and reflex hammer in the room with me for each patient encounter. Before someone makes a fuss I CAVI wipe everything down in between patients. Anyway, my attending has one of those old doctors bags that he brings in the room with him and the other MD in the practice brings a large pouch/pencil case with her. Any suggestions on how I should bring all of my tools in the room with me? I don’t want to wear my lab coat and the pockets are ridiculously small anyway because it’s a “women’s” lab coat.