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Cinthia L has 1 years experience and specializes in OR.

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  1. Cinthia L

    Nursing Student Question

    That's great to know. All of the responses have been so motivating and I'm now looking forward to graduating. Thank you so much!
  2. Cinthia L

    Nursing Student Question

    Thank you sooo much!! This made me feel so relieved. I really can't wait to start actually learning about the OR. I know that after nursing school I will have to be taught everything about the world of the OR since it's not something taught in nursing school. Although, I truly wished they did. But, thank you for sharing your thoughts I truly appreciate it.
  3. Cinthia L

    Nursing Student Question

    That makes so much sense. Thank you! I will look into that but you're probably right most jobs are hiring full time and I definitely can't do that. You said you're involved in the hiring in the OR, what would you look for in a new grad like me?
  4. Cinthia L

    Nursing Student Question

    Hi, my name is Cinthia I'm actually an S1 nursing student at Texas Woman's University and I've been stressing out about not having any extracurriculars when graduating. So, I wanted to reach out to other OR nurses to hear about any advice on what kind of extracurriculars I could do that would look good on my resume and during interviews when I apply for jobs in the OR? I would really love to work in the OR as soon as I get my degree but I'm afraid that I will have a difficult time since I will be a new grad. I was thinking about calling the HR in nearby hospitals/clinics to see if they'd allow nursing students to shadow, volunteer, or even work (particularly in the OR). Is this something anyone else has done? What would you recommend?
  5. Cinthia L

    Bovie grounding pads

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