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    Always feeling stupid.

    I’m in L&D and though that is besides the point, I’m new to the unit and just feel stupid! My question to you is do my coworkers think I am dumb? I make small mistakes which is normal for being new, but my coworkers seem so perfect to me and never offer to tell me any stories of their mess ups when I am telling them mine. I feel like the dumbest one in the bunch. If they think I’m dumb now and I keep showing them I’m actually all right can their perceptions change?
  2. I’ve been in L&D for 5 months now and before that I was a confident med surg nurse. Now in L&D I keep making small mistakes that make me question my skills. We hang LR as a main line for pitocin and I know this but somehow was not paying attention and put the pitocin as the main line. I unhooked the patient before I left as we stopped the pit but I still had the flow backwards. The next nurse hooked her up and decided to flush the pit line to rid the old fluid. Not knowing I had it backward she flushed what she though was pit but was actually the LR and ended up blousing the patient with pitocin. The small mistake I made caused no harm but I feel like the worst nurse there has ever been. My unit makes me feel like they are perfect and no one else makes mistakes. I’m feeling very hopeless.