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new grad (pediatrics) Summer 2021 cohort
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jbingaman12 specializes in new grad (pediatrics) Summer 2021 cohort.

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    UNC Healthcare NURSE NEW GRAD/RESIDENCY Summer 2021

    hey caroline!! congrats on your acceptance! I don’t have facebook but I’ve also been looking for some sortof new grad groupchat. anyway, would love to be friends :) feel free to reach out to me: 610-716-6648
  2. Hey all! I'm creating this forum for my fellow nurses who've accepted a new grad position at UNC med for Summer 2021. I've accepted a position on the Pediatric Acute floor and am super excited for this new adventure! I am moving to NC from PA and don't know much about the area or anyone there so I am hoping to connect with some people before moving there. Leave a reply if you are looking for a roommate or just a new nursing friend in the area 🙂