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Specializes in new grad (pediatrics) Summer 2021 cohort.

Hey all!

I'm creating this forum for my fellow nurses who've accepted a new grad position at UNC med for Summer 2021.  I've accepted a position on the Pediatric Acute floor and am super excited for this new adventure!  I am moving to NC from PA and don't know much about the area or anyone there so I am hoping to connect with some people before moving there.  Leave a reply if you are looking for a roommate or just a new nursing friend in the area ?

OMG hi! I am going to be on a gynecology floor for the nurse residency and I’m super excited too! I’m from Chicago and going to be new to Chapel Hill although I’ve been to NC many times. Would love to be in touch! I’ve been looking for a facebook group for the residency but haven’t found one ?

Specializes in new grad (pediatrics) Summer 2021 cohort.

hey caroline!! congrats on your acceptance!  I don’t have facebook but I’ve also been looking for some sortof new grad groupchat. anyway, would love to be friends :) feel free to reach out to me: 610-716-6648

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