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  1. Students Faking Illnesses

    Everyone seems to be getting offended about this. You don’t know how many kids I deal with daily that are repeat offenders. I have some kids that come 2 or 3 times a day everyday. If a kid comes that I rarely ever see and says they threw up I’ll more...
  2. Students Faking Illnesses

    That’s for all the advice! The teacher actually came and apologized to me yesterday for it. She said the secretary actually confronted her about it cause she saw how the kid was acting in my office and it made her mad as well. Our school policy for v...
  3. Students Faking Illnesses

    Hi! I’m a new school nurse. I’m currently in a long term substitute position for a K-5 school. I've been at this school for 3 weeks now so I've gotten the feel for everything and have my routine down. I have noticed a large problem with students comi...
  4. Hello all! I’ve been a home health case manager for about 4 months now at a small hospital based agency. When I was hired in my schedule requirements were M-F 8-4:30 for my scheduled visits and taking call Friday from 4:30PM to Monday 8AM once every ...
  5. I made my first semi-big mistake in home health yesterday and didn’t realize it till today. I saw another case managers patient who has a foley that is irrigated each week with a vinegar acetic solution. I was looking to see when her next cath change...
  6. New HH Case Manager, Advice?

    Hey! I’ve been a nurse for 1 year now but, have worked in healthcare for 5 years, and just accepted a job in HH as a Case Manager! I’m super exited but also very nervous about it. I was wondering if any of you had some good advice for me and any skil...
  7. Making small mistakes. Feeling hopeless

    Our unit hangs LR and Pit on 2 separate primary lines and pumps. I feel like this is how it is done in most places and it keeps that from happening. Otherwise it can be a disaster waiting to happen. I would clarify how you are supposed to hang Pit wi...
  8. New L&D Nurse, Did I make a mistake?

    I should I guess also mention the type of unit it is. It’s solely L&D. We have a separate mom/baby unit and us L&D nurses also cover the antepartum unit (which isn’t always open). It’s a high risk so we get all the high risk pregnancies from ...
  9. New L&D Nurse, Did I make a mistake?

    Hi! I’m a newer nurse (graduated in May 2020), I worked on a stepdown unit for 9 months and just recently started a new job at a completely different hospital in L&D, which is my dream job! Unfortunately, it’s definitely not what I thought it wou...