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Made a mistake. Has this happened to other people?

by MsNurse1997 MsNurse1997 (New) New Nurse

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I made my first semi-big mistake in home health yesterday and didn’t realize it till today. I saw another case managers patient who has a foley that is irrigated each week with a vinegar acetic solution. I was looking to see when her next cath change was due and I counted it out to be next week. Well today I realized I miss counted and it should have actually been changed yesterday. I’m planning on calling the doc in the morning when the office opens and letting them know about it. This patient has had a foley for years and has a chronic UTI so I’m not too overly concerned about that part but I just feel bad cause I missed something that obvious. Has something similar ever happened to you? I know my preceptor said when she was new she missed orders for lab work all the time and she would have to do them the next visit or go back and do it. 

Texas_RN, ADN

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Yes I’ve made mistakes like that as well. Usually the doctor is understanding and will give you an order to change it at the next scheduled visit or following week (whichever comes first). I would worry too much about it. 


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as long as mistakes are acknowledged, addressed, and patient is stable. That's all the matters. Mistakes happen all the time in any profession.