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  1. CSUB Nursing Fall 2021

    Nope ?
  2. CSUB Nursing Fall 2021

    did any nonlocal applicants get into the program?
  3. CSUB Nursing Fall 2021

    I just got an email stating the acceptance period began and those considered have already been notified.
  4. Pasadena City College ADN Program Fall 2021

    I agree with ABSNstudent91. I think they already sent out all their acceptances, not sure about the waitlist emails though
  5. Pasadena City College ADN Program Fall 2021

    Same, 85 points & no email
  6. CSUB Nursing Fall 2021

    Haven't heard back yet & yeah, I got both holds.
  7. Rio Hondo ADN Summer 2021

    Hi! Does anyone know what are the chances of an alternate getting accepted? I'm an alt, and I mightttt be near the end of the list because I got my email late. I got most of the requirements done but I haven't bought CastleBranch yet. I'm debating if...
  8. Citrus college 2021

    I'm wondering as well. Does anyone know how many people were on the alternate list last Fall?
  9. CSULB Nursing Fall 2021

    are we supposed to checkmark the "your attendance at the mandatory.." & "acceptance into the university"? According to the academic calendar, the first day of instruction is August 23. Not sure about the second question tho
  10. Pasadena City College ADN Program Fall 2021

    Did anyone receive an email after submitting the app? btw good luck everyone!
  11. Pasadena City College ADN Program Fall 2021

    Did you ever figure it out? I'm having the same issue
  12. Pasadena City College ADN Program Fall 2021

    I think they look at the individual score.
  13. CSUB Nursing Fall 2021

    To those who have submitted your intent to enroll, did you guys pay for it already? Or is the intent to enroll & the orientation fee the same?
  14. CSUB Nursing Fall 2021

    That's great news! I also got a response that if we won't be submitting our intent to enroll until after decisions, we will have sufficient time to register for orientation.
  15. Rio Hondo ADN Summer 2021

    ahh is this a recent email they just sent out? I didn't get anything
  16. CSULB Nursing Fall 2021

    Thanks for the clarification!
  17. CSULB Nursing Fall 2021

    @sssara @angel5678 Does it say if you are waitlisted for the nursing program? I got an email but it doesn't mention much
  18. CSULB Nursing Fall 2021

    Did anyone on the waitlist get an email?
  19. CSULA Fall 2021

    @pumpkin2@iamboba@PaintingRain Hi! did you guys appeal by emailing Y or submitting an official appeal through the school?
  20. CSULA Fall 2021

    To anyone appealing as a transfer student, are we supposed to email the nursing school or Office of Admissions?
  21. CSUB Nursing Fall 2021

    Hi guys! Are you guys planning to submit the intent to enroll by May 1st? I emailed one of the transfer admissions officers & she said nursing students will be granted an extension until after nursing decisions. Not sure if this will affect our a...
  22. CSULB Nursing Fall 2021

    for those who are waitlisted, did you know through the portal or application status report email?
  23. Golden West College ADN Fall 2021

    Hi! Is the online orientation (1st question on the app) the section about our personal info?
  24. CSULA Fall 2021

    Hi! Does anyone know if the school takes an average of the grades if you've taken two separate Chemistry courses (lect + lab) or do you need at least a B- in both lect & lab?
  25. CSULB Nursing Fall 2021

    What time did you receive the email?