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NurseNate1 has 12 years experience and specializes in ER/ER OBs.

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  1. Asking for a friend, literally. I've been vaccinated, believe in the vaccine, definitely not looking to start a debate (It's all been done before a million times). A close friend of mine with ER RN experience and ECF experience is not going to be v...
  2. What's your dream nursing job?

    I'm a nights guy. Would love a nights gig where my job is monitoring the patients while they sleep. Nurse concierge, "Can I get you a turkey sandwhich and warm blanket sir?", "Would you like an ice pack and another pillow maam?". Like an overnight...
  3. Saving Towards Retirement 401K/403B

    This is an excellent thread. Great info and perspective on saving for retirement. I want to spend my late 50's and on hiking outside, not arguing with the patient seeking narcs that the doctor has cut off. Nursing shouldn't be our life. Family, f...
  4. Saving Towards Retirement 401K/403B

    Hey that's great. What calculations do you use to decide how much income your retirement savings will generate? I use the 4% rule which states if you take 4% of your total account out each year(adjusted up each year for inflation) your savings will...
  5. Saving Towards Retirement 401K/403B

    Hey thank you!
  6. Nurse Licensure Compact

    Cool, I hope it passes this time.
  7. Wearing a beard as a male nurse?

    I have a beard. I shaved it during Covid to get a good N95 seal on my face but it's back now that I've had my Covid shots.
  8. MEN, dont come into nursing

    Very strange post and I wouldn't suggest taking too much advice from a nurse who spells ativan as he did and suggests it makes those who take it happy. Is he actually a nurse in real life? My experience 11 years in as a male nurse. It's a very...
  9. Nurse Licensure Compact It appears there is no update. Michigan joining the license compact is currently dead in the water.
  10. Saving Towards Retirement 401K/403B

    I am not a retirement professional. I'm a nurse who loves to study retirement planning in my free time and manage my own retirement so take my advice for the unprofessional advice that it is and go educate yourself. I'm always happy to talk persona...
  11. Saving Towards Retirement 401K/403B

    My personal preference in funds are large index funds with low expense ratios. This allows for diversification over an asset class (US stocks, International stocks, Total US bond market fund) at a very low cost. Keep it simple(I prefer a 3-fund por...
  12. Hello! I wanted to encourage nurses to take a look at their retirement plans as I run into so many who have no interest in saving for retirement at all. At the very minimum, save enough to get your maximum 401K/403B match. Example: My system matche...