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yellow.poppy has 1 years experience as a ASN and specializes in Surgical ICU.

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm 6 months away from finishing up my ADN and as of right now it's looking like I'll have a job waiting for me in the surgical ICU of a level II trauma center (in Florida). My current plan is to work there for about a year and then e...
  2. Are Cranial Nerves on the NCLEX?

    I've noticed that a lot of textbooks and stuff on ATI teaches the cranial nerves, but my school doesn't teach them or require us to know anything about them. Can anyone that has recently taken the NCLEX say one way or the other? Thank you in adv...
  3. UCF Florida College System Concurrent Program

    I ended up not doing it. But not because of the program itself. I had to send in my newest transcripts because I didn’t realize the ones I had sent to them previously showed my last prerequisite as in progress, instead of complete. I paid to have my ...
  4. Hello everyone! I need some advice! I've been planning on doing the concurrent program with UCF since before I even got accepted into my current nursing program, right now I'm halfway through my second semester of my ADN program. I just applied this ...