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  1. staciebeth

    CCRN- neonatal

    Thanks! Good luck on your test. Let me know how you do!
  2. staciebeth

    ever heard of "quick results" being wrong?

    They are NOT wrong- Congratulations and ENJOY!
  3. staciebeth

    CCRN- neonatal

    I have to take my CCRN by September. I have a workbook and book but I would like to know if anyone can recommend a website or computer program to take practice questions. And, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. staciebeth

    Where can I get good info on respiratory?

    Okay, I'm still a little confused on respiratory therapies. Are there any good books to explain the PIP, PEEP, Rate.................? Thanks!
  5. staciebeth

    RNC vs CCRN

    I am relatively new to the NICU (just about 1 year) and was wondering if anyone can tell me the difference between CCRN and RNC. When can I take these tests? Do I have to be working 2 years or 1? Which is better? Thanks!
  6. staciebeth

    Almost out of orientation..

    I also got a job in the NICU right out of school. There is an awesome book designed for the parents of NICU kids, I read it and it clarified a lot of areas for me and put everything in layman's terms (which is great for your learning and explaining things to parents). The book is called "Preemies: The Essential Guide for Premature Babies". It's by Dana Wechsler Linden, Emma Trenti Paroli, and Mia Wechsler Doron, M.D. I picked it up at Barnes and Noble in the parenting section. Since it's not a textbook, it's not too pricey. It's really easy reading! Good luck!
  7. staciebeth

    i want to be a NICU nurse

    I got a job as a NICU nurse right out of school, so it can be done. My hospital had a 16 week orientation, make sure wherever you go, there is a long program, it's a specialty unit and you'll need the learning experience. It's a great unit and I can't picture myself working anywhere else. Good luck!
  8. staciebeth

    do people say this to you?

    I tell people it's not about sick babies, it's about helping babies to get better. I DO feel for these babies and because of that, they get compassionate care. Throughout nursing school I SWORE I would never do Peds, let alone NICU! I thought it would be way too sad because I have such a love for babies. Then a nurse I was training with said, If your baby was sick would you rather have someone taking care of him who loved children or who just did it for a paycheck?" SOLD! I'm a NICU nurse now and LOVIN' it- it's ALL ABOUT getting them well!
  9. staciebeth

    nclex review: to take or not to take

    I really don't think it matters whether you pay for a review course or just buy a book (Saunders), the important thing is to do as many questions as you can! Good luck
  10. staciebeth

    Hey IMMORTAL us

    Thank God!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! I was praying for you every day. I'm so proud of you!
  11. staciebeth

    Hey IMMORTAL us

    You were (and are) also in my prayers!!!
  12. staciebeth

    Online NClex Review Courses

    I took the Hurst review online. I liked it. Marlene Hurst makes things interesting and she has a way of easing fear a little. I also used Saunders (the book, not online). I passed!
  13. staciebeth

    Just some general NCLEX questions

    I graduated Dec 20th and took mine on Feb 20th. I also wished I had taken it earlier. I got my results online in EXACTLY 48 hours (believe me, I checked hourly)
  14. staciebeth

    Thanks be to God, I passed!!!!!!

    Amy- I took the Hurst Review online. I won it from my school. I liked it, Marlene Hurst has is very interesting and she gives you ways to remember things. She also has great "stay calm" advice. I bought the Kaplan NCLEX-RN Exam book and read it. I practiced with some of their questions, honestly, I didn't do all that well on their tests (60%, 70%, etc). My friend LOVED it, I thought it was okay-nothing great. Mainly, I used Saunders. I liked it. It's to the point and the review questions made a little more sense (and they showed me my weak areas). I would have liked to see Suzanne's program, but, by the time I found this website, it was too close to my test. I wish I could tell you one "magic" book or website, but I just can't. Just do a lot of questions. And pray, pray, pray! And when you do take it, have faith! I was SURE beyond words that I failed. I haven't eaten or slept in 4 days. If I can be of any more help, or if you just need to vent, don't hesitate! I'd love to encourage you! Stacie
  15. staciebeth

    Thanks be to God, I passed!!!!!!

    Thank you all SO VERY MUCH for your prayers! I was SURE I failed the NCLEX, but your encouraging words gave me hope. Stacie, RN!!!!!!!! Those of you who asked me for prayers-I will be praying hard for you!!
  16. staciebeth

    Just took my test...

    Hey- I know how you feel. Everyone says not to worry if you get "upper level" questions. I don't even know what I had I was so shaken after the test. I can't remember if they were mostly priority or not. What exactly is a "Low" level question? I wish I could calm you down, but just know-others are in the same boat... Everyone I spoke with thought they failed! I prayed for you (like I promised). Hopefully we'll both be RNs soon!