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  1. CPNRE November 2021

    Congratulations. When did you wrote it?
  2. CPNRE November 2021

    Congratulations guys??.
  3. CPNRE November 2021

    Yeah most probably you will get result after 2 weeks. How was exam ?? Any suggestions regarding study material at can help us Don’t be nervous.. try to do more and more questions and prep guides.
  4. CPNRE November 2021

  5. CPNRE November 2021

    Hi guys, how’s preparation??
  6. Cprne exam June-July 2021

  7. Cprne exam June-July 2021

  8. Cprne exam June-July 2021

    Not in September. I wrote my exam in July and after15 days I got my result
  9. Cprne exam June-July 2021

    Oh I didn’t wrote in sep. it was in July
  10. Cprne exam June-July 2021

    Hi I wrote it but I failed now I will rite it again in November
  11. Cprne exam June-July 2021

    I am a international student... with 4 years of gap with study.. now trying to study by my own.
  12. Cprne exam June-July 2021

    Too much to study, any suggestions please share
  13. Hi, I will really appreciate if you can  send me 1-5 prep guide and nurse ED material on hsra0905@gmail.com 

    Thank you 

  14. CPNRE exam Jan-Feb 2021

    Hi dear congratulations and can you please tell me from where you studied and what. Actually I failed. So need help to understand where I was lacking.
  15. CPNRE exam Jan-Feb 2021

    Hey, I have that document from nurseED that teaches how to answer do you have anything else that can help. And did you buyers nurseEd I mean if it is that helpful and I can get more content and what to study information. Should I get subscription.ple...