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  1. Steph B

    Cochran Nursing Program Fall 2021

    She told me the same, mid May but I am still so anxious. Given that I need a night program I am limited in programs. In Cochran they weigh the score with your GPA. Not sure how your other program are doing it. Best of luck.
  2. Steph B

    Cochran Nursing Program Fall 2021

    Honestly I've never taken the TEAS but what the proctor told us us that the Kaplan is a tad easier. I am applying for the night and I constantly checking my email for a denial or acceptance. -Steph
  3. Steph B

    Cochran Nursing Program Fall 2021

    You're welcome. The math portion of that book really helped. The A&P portion was really good too, in my opinion for the reading and writing just look elsewhere. Good luck!
  4. I created this community for those whom applied to this program and want to share their experiences or may want to connect with others. I am nervous and anxious to find out whether or not I am accepted. Please share and be well.
  5. Steph B

    UTA Fall 2021

    Thank you. I am not sure why she said mid-May but I am glad its sooner. I am really hoping for the best. I wish you the best of luck. Steph