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iisonia66 has 1 years experience and specializes in LVN.

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    Overworked LVN. Should I quit?

    I've been an LVN for 6months at a nursing home and I already want to quit my job. I'm so overworked and stressed that I cry much about it. Before the most amount of hours I worked in 2 weeks was 130 hours. I don't choose to work overtime, I get stuck and forced too. I work 3-11pm but we only have 1 regular night nurse and anyone else who comes is from registry but they are so unreliable n either call off or don't show up. I told my boss a few months ago I was going to go part time for school and I can't do any more doubles but it still hasn't stopped me from working overtime. Yesterday I unexpectedly worked a double again and was experiencing side affects from the covid shot. So I had a breakdown when I went home. Nothing seems to change but I'm afraid to leave cuz I hear it's the same everywhere. Advice please!🥺