Overworked LVN. Should I quit?


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I've been an LVN for 6months at a nursing home and I already want to quit my job. I'm so overworked and stressed that I cry much about it. Before the most amount of hours I worked in 2 weeks was 130 hours. I don't choose to work overtime, I get stuck and forced too. I work 3-11pm but we only have 1 regular night nurse and anyone else who comes is from registry but they are so unreliable n either call off or don't show up. I told my boss a few months ago I was going to go part time for school and I can't do any more doubles but it still hasn't stopped me from working overtime. Yesterday I unexpectedly worked a double again and was experiencing side affects from the covid shot. So I had a breakdown when I went home. Nothing seems to change but I'm afraid to leave cuz I hear it's the same everywhere.  Advice please!?

I think you should look for another job, I don't believe it's like that everywhere! It's important that you stay healthy, physically and mentally.


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It's likely that your job WILL NOT change. So you'll have to make you decision to stay or move on. What is it that's most important to you?

As you interview, be up front & honest to ask about overtime and your school sched. There really are some better facilities out there. You just need to find them and decide.

Welcome to AN. And good luck.


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It seems like some nursing homes can't keep good nurses for long because they burn them out. There's a lot of jobs out there for LVN nurses and it's not unusual for a new nurse to "hop" around until a good/satisfying position is found. After that, try to stay locked in for a few years so that your resume looks stable.